FIA racing seat provides the best starting position for racers seeking to compete for podium places. The Pole Position N. The "built-in" lumbar support provides structured support for the lower back that protects against spinal compression in high impact accidents.

Combined with high quality foam the seat is outstandingly comfortable. The bolsters and deep seat cushion pocket cradle your body. The seat holds you firmly in place preventing the fatigue and discomfort caused by unwanted movement during aggressive driving maneuvers. Our racing seats are crash tested and pass safety standards set by the Federation de L'Automobile - FiA. The organization sanctions racing events around the world.

Helmet Sizing. Track Tools. Seat Specs. Apparel Sizing. Safety Gear. Vehicle Parts. Open in new window. Orders placed online or by phone are available for curb-side pickup. Brake Upgrades. Racing Seats. Most Popular. Click image to zoom. Premium Features. Product Reviews. The seat bolsters provide great support for a car with R compound tires producing high G loads during cornering. Even though this is a bit more money than some of the competitors, the additional comfort and safety are worth it.

I also had Stable Energies install it. They took extra effort to ensure it is installed absolutely correctly and safely. My original racing seat was incorrectly anchored and did not adjust back and forth. They corrected both of those problems. Alpinestars Suits Shoes Gloves. Copyright c Stable Energies Inc. Marketing Solutions by Splendent Studios. Offer valid this week only. Enter Source Key GC at checkout. FREE Shipping! Sales StableEnergies.A thoroughbred racing shell licensed for a sporty ride on the open road.

Many exclusive car manufacturers upgrade their top performance models with the Pole Position. Prior to visiting an authorized RECARO dealer or service partneryou should contact them to inquire whether they have the seat that interests you on hand for testing. This has to be confirmed by a separate document, which has to be carried in the car like the ABE.

RECARO takes pride in its workmanship and traditional handwork during the production process that allows us to deliver products which meet the highest quality standards. We believe in the superior quality and masterly craftsmanship of our products and carefully select only the most precious and top-notch materials for our seats. Even the smallest detail underlines our claim for premium quality!

Since we never stop searching for something new and are continually breaking new grounds. RECARO products are at the cutting-edge of technology, merging decades of experience with new materials and innovation. And we use our unique know-how and innovative technologies to emphasize the personality of our customers: our products are as individual as you are — down to the last detail.

The Recaro Classic Line – A New Series Of Retro Seats From Recaro

The carbon shell is a dream come true. You can quickly and conveniently find the right dealer here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.

RECARO continuously explores new ways to create seats that adapt to the individual shape of the human body for a comfortable driving experience at any time.

Sprache wechseln. Upholstery: Velour black. Accessories at additional cost. Aluminum sidemount Weight: 1. Steel sidemount Weight: 2. Paddable lumbar support. Integrated headrest Special lateral support in the backrest area Special lateral support in the seat cushion area Specially formed shoulder support Dynamic ride performance Slim design.

Premium quality. Innovation by heritage. SINCE Jean's Story. Sidney's Story. Need more help?This is the most motorsport-oriented seat in the new collection, it has higher sides around the hips and shoulders for better support. The seat also has ports for four point harnesses and an ample headrest with a slight scallop to accomodate helmets.

The one-piece, body-hugging contoured racing shell made of glassfiber reinforced plastic blends harmoniously into classic-sporty interiors.

It focuses on the best body support for a sporty, dynamic driving performance. The headrests have been upgraded to a more modern size, this is largely for crash safety — particularly rear-end collisions. Bolster support has been improved also and it has an adjustable back. The sporty side bolsters at the backrest give you safety. As with the other two seats the Classic LX has a more modern headrest for safety, and it includes good bolster support on the sides and seat base, it also has an adjustable back.

Recaro Description: You are looking for individual comfort or sophisticated design. On the one hand the extendable front seat cushion helps to relieve strain on the thighs and on the other hand the combination of structured and breathable cushion material provides optimal climate control.

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Author Details Contact Me. Ben Branch. Thank you, your message has been sent successfully. Published by Ben Branch - February 29th The Recaro Pole Position has been one of the most popular seats in the industry for well over a decade. Linking the premium Recaro brand name with a seat suitable for various applications has made the Pole Position a winner.

So what does this actually mean? Firstly the seat is available with a wider range of trim designs including ambla-leather and alcantara. These are trims Recaro regularly used with their road-going seats. Both Recaro Pole Position seats share the same footprint into the vehicle and are identical in their height and shoulder positions. However, the ABE version flares out at the hip bones.

This feature has been included to make the Pole Position more ergonomic for daily use and road use, while also allowing people with wider hips to fit the seat with more comfort. This is standard practice from Recaro when it comes to their range of FIA products, as leather is not a suitable material. This approves the product for motorsport use. When buying a seat, always ensure to check the date stamped on the homologation, as it should be five years ahead of the current year.

So, at the time of writing this article ina new seat would be dated We have these seats on display in our showroom, and from our expert knowledge, we strongly recommend that drivers over 6ft tall with a longer upper body do not use them. This is because the backrest is shorter and the harness slots are placed further down the seat. Driver at 6ft with compromised position.With its timeless shape and classic vintage covers, this seat will look at home in even the most sporty of vehicle interiors.

Quite literally! At 6' 4" he certainly lives up to his nickname, "The Tall One". Because back then the sporty performance, quality and safety of our seats was as unique as it is today. That meant in his private and classic cars, too.

This was a fortunate decision, for at the San Remo Rally Walter managed to survive the most serious accident of his career relatively unscathed.

RECARO is the obvious choice for those who want the certainty of a seat's protection when driving at the limit.

Glass fiber-reinforced plastic GRP seat shell Weight approx. For years, Frank Beermann's team has been responsible for industrial design. They create the timeless aestheticthat gives all RECARO seats a contemporary look, whatever the current whims of fashion. We can offer you many different options to change the look of your RECARO seat so that it perfectly complements your classic car.

Our range of cover materials includes a variety of authentic, premium quality polyester-free fabrics, as well as leather. Our exclusive seat leather is produced in Italy using sustainable, carbon-neutral methods.

A classic car should be as original and authentic as possible. Any conversions or accessories must remain true to the era of the car's creation. Who better to make seats for your classic car than the company that made the original seats in the first place? All of our seats provide the ideal sitting position for your body, so you can be sure of sharp reactions, powerful performance and confident, safe driving.

RECARO Pole Position (ABE) & Pole Position Carbon (ABE)

When manufacturing our seats, we make safety our number one priority. Safety determines the quality of every seat and is nowhere more important than in the seat's inner workings. Not forgetting, of course, the fully upholstered head rests that are height- and tilt-adjustable. Our upholstery is designed in accordance with the latest scientific research into relieving muscular stress.

That's why RECARO seats aren't too soft; instead, they provide the body with a fine-tuned firmness that won't tire the driver during long drives. We have further enhanced climate comfort by using effective material, structured cover fabric and a thick woolen fleece layer that absorbs moisture. Our super-breathable fabrics and base upholstery help to "air condition" your body.

You can quickly and conveniently find the right dealer here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.

Since we never stop searching for something new and are continually breaking new grounds. We believe in the superior quality and masterly craftsmanship of our products and carefully select only the most precious and top-notch materials for our seats.

RECARO continuously explores new ways to create seats that adapt to the individual shape of the human body for a comfortable driving experience at any time. Sprache wechseln. Beauty and safety: a match made in heaven. Steel sidemount. Seat cover option: Black leather. Feel different, drive different!

Learn more. Ergonomics and Comfort.These seat covers are primarily used as replacements for the factory seat covers. If you are looking to replace new seat covers on your car, then you will need to remove the old cover first. The installation does not require any additional sewing. You can complete the installation with few hog rings, hog ring pliers and regular tools. You can either install it on your own or seek the help from a local auto upholstery shop. However, we can custom build seats cover for your other cars.

You can contact us for availability, pricing and installation support. The seats cover are not available for on the spot purchase. We are unable to start the work without the custom requirements and confirmation. Please provide the requirements and confirmation sooner to avoid delays in shipping.

It takes 10 to 15 business days to process the order and ship the products. Please review the order processing times before placing the order. Need to see it in hand? Contact us for free swatch samples. To make the seats more personalized and attractive, there is a two tone color.

This color will significantly change the colors of the traditional trims from being original. For example, if your car is red and the interior from the factory is black, you would be able to design the seat covers in a two tone color. The body could be black and then the insert would be red. This will render the two colors of the interior trim. The exterior painting would have more consistency. Piping line adds strength and beauty to your seats, making this a great option for any custom order.

The piping line is stitched directly into the seams of your seats, helping to strengthen the seams and enhance the appearance of your covers. Custom piping lines on the seats are the hallmark of many luxury automakers, including Mercedes Benz and Jaguar.

To maximize the visual appeal of your seat covers, choose a contrasting piping color to outline the details in your seat. Do you think you could make your seats look better by customizing the set of seat covers in a dark-reddish leather for the main color, with a white contrast stitch? Would this make it look better than the original factory design? Many people would agree that it would look better.

BMW M3 E46 SMG Ringtool

We can make it more personalized for you. You can design an embroidered logo that you like on the backrest, headrest, or anywhere else that you would like to enhance the design. Perforated leather is leather with small holes punched into them so as to make them breathable.

recaro pole position seats

Some car owners prefer breathable leather because it lets air pass in and out, meaning that car seats upholstered using the material are much more comfortable in hot weather. Of course, perforated leather also tends to be much using better leather than its not so breathable counterparts, meaning that its presence can lend an extra touch of luxuriousness to the car's interior. Express your personal style!

Order an embossed logo for your leather seat covers. You'll have a handsome, expertly crafted logo that we'll make to your specifications. Embossing makes a raised design on the leather. We can emboss initials, words, and artwork in whatever design you desire.

Your friends will be impressed when they see your initials embossed on the seat covers. You can personalize your car with a classy touch, like the logo of your favorite team or university.Please Note: although some seats are carried in stock all orders are on a 'made to order' basis.

recaro pole position seats

This racing shell features the special ABE general operating permission for specified vehicles. Note: Seat must be fitted by an authorised dealer, use of child seat not permitted, side airbag omitted. Features Integrated headrest for reliable head protection Specially designed shoulder support for optimum lateral hold Seat shell manufactured from glass fibre-reinforced plastic GRP The latest cover variants in attractive designs Lumbar cushions for individual support of the spinal column Belt slots specially modified allowing use of standard 3-point seat belt.

Further information on the individual vehicles can be obtained from your specialist dealer. Seat must be fitted by an authorised dealer, use of child seats not permitted, side airbag omitted.

No FIA-homologation. Accessories at additional cost : Sidemounts Note: Seat must be fitted by an authorised dealer, use of child seat not permitted, side airbag omitted. All Rights Reserved. Seat Colours.

recaro pole position seats

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