The domestic package of services is designed for the customer's time-sensitive needs. Its components include:. There are two services offered under this: Domestic Express Services for delivering documents and small parcels. Domestic Cargo Services for delivering heavier consignments that require special arrangements such as bigger vehicles, dedicated manpower and material handling equipment.

It ensures priority deliveries at optimal costs, in both air and surface modes. Collect on Delivery C. To-Pay or Freight on Delivery F. Mentioned Piece : This product offers "delivery of declared personal or valuable items", which are delivered under a customized process ensuring complete safety and security of the tendered package. Intracity includes the facility of pick-up and delivery in the same city.

It is custom-built for the distribution of:. TechMailer is a state-of-the-art solution that provides effective management of mass and bulk consignments. It features the following key benefits:. Related Links. Domestic Courier Service The domestic package of services is designed for the customer's time-sensitive needs. Its components include: DTDC Lite represents the basic services for handling deliveries in express and cargo mode in India.

It is custom-built for the distribution of: Bulk documents such as mobile or insurance bills, bank statements and annual general reports.

Pamphlets, direct mailers, invitation cards and so on. It features the following key benefits: Smart dispatch of mass and bulk mailer to pan-India locations. Fast and accurate processing and delivery. Instant booking using bar-coded stickers along with address labels.

All Rights Reserved. Home Global Sitemap.Let's explore the functions of a courier, and all of the criteria a business should consider when choosing a courier to rely on for their transportation and delivery operations.

Whether consumers order items from their favorite retailer for home delivery or want to send an item from point A to point B, the criteria for good service tends to be pretty similar across the board:. Many companies rely on courier services to keep their business going and their customers satisfied.

In this post, we're going to explore the functions of a courier, and all of the criteria a business should consider when choosing a courier to rely on for their transportation and delivery operations. This delivery can occur within businesses, between businesses and consumers or vice versa.

While many businesses engage a particular courier service for all or most of their deliveries, consumers can also hire some couriers for one-off deliveries.

In fact, couriers can take many forms. In some cities, in addition to trucks and vans, they may operate on bicycles or motorcycles. For longer distance deliveries, they can avail themselves of long-haul trucks, railways and aircraft.

Types of Courier Services and Service Providers

From refrigerated courier services —delivering temperature controlled items such as seafood, biological and pharmaceutical products—to courier companies that deliver secure, sensitive documents, there is quite a bit of specialization in the industry. The key for consumers and businesses alike is finding a courier company that will do the best job with the items they send and receive. The main difference between courier services and standard mail services lies in the fact that couriers are a premium service.

Through higher efficiency and specialization, couriers are able to deliver products more quickly than a standard mail service, often guaranteeing a specific date and even time block. Often, the post office can provide you with a date range of when they believe a package or letter will be delivered. With a courier, online order tracking is much more robust and shippers and recipients know exactly when a package will be delivered on a specific day.

types of courier

Couriers can set themselves apart considerably from standard mail services through specialization. Courier companies that can safely transport sensitive documents or temperature controlled substances can simply not be matched by a standard mail service. Courier services are the established method of transportation and delivery for most shippers, but recent trends and projected growth statistics show that use of couriers is only going to increase in the coming years.

Couriers are the most prominent players in last mile deliveryparcel delivery from a warehouse directly to its ultimate destination. And the standards that businesses and consumers have attached to last mile delivery are continually increasing due to improvements in logistics and delivery technology, fueling our on-demand economy.

3 Common Types of Courier Services

As standards and demand for on-demand delivery and transportation increase, so will the role of couriers as a premium service in the delivery of products. So we know what a courier does, the benefits of using a courier and why demand for couriers is increasing—but with all of this growing demand, how can businesses be confident choosing one courier service over another?

Make sure that the courier you choose is aware of the average amount they will be needed on a monthly basis and when these engagements will typically take place. Be sure to stay informed on the costs of doing business with a particular courier service, but also realize that cost is not always correlated to level of service.

If the range within which you need to transport your goods is small, consider going with a local company. Local couriers tend to be more efficient and flexible than larger companies working on a local scale. Make sure the courier you are considering is equipped with the ability to efficiently and successfully transport and delivery the goods you need to move. For example, if you manufacture goods that require temperature-controlled transportation, it makes sense to work with a company that specializes in refrigerated transportation.

Bad or outdated technology can lead to a lower delivery success rate and lower customer satisfaction. In a delivery and logistics field teeming with innovative technology, the technology a courier uses can be very indicative of their trajectory and quality as a company. Ultimately, track record should be one of the most important factors when choosing a courier. Many companies take pride in their on-time delivery percentage and post it online.

It makes sense to do a bit of online research for client reviews and ratings. The importance of on-demand delivery will continue to influence technological innovation and a growth in importance of last mile delivery. Companies will need to make investments in the transportation and delivery space if they plan on meeting demand and providing great service to their customers.

At Winnesota, we provided standard and refrigerated transportation services across the Midwest, along with warehousing in our Twin Cities and Milwaukee markets. However, are roots are as a courier company that has operated in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro for decades.

February 16, How To Choose The Right Courier For Your Business Let's explore the functions of a courier, and all of the criteria a business should consider when choosing a courier to rely on for their transportation and delivery operations.Companies looking for storage, transport and warehousing logistics solutions will certainly benefit from the various international couriers available globally. In the courier industry there is a demand for versatility and variety when it comes to courier services and this is why a service provider will need to provide more than one type of service.

While some couriers are focused on delivering one type of service to specific areas, there are those who focus on multiple types of services and can deliver to a variety of areas locally and internationally. With the various types of courier services in mind, it is best to choose a service provider in the courier industry with a comprehensive range of services to offer.

Seeking out a service provider that presents you with a service that is modelled around your needs and requirements will be the best possible option for you and your business. Make sure that you are offered insurance on your consignment and that the chosen company has experience in delivering the type of goods that you need transported.

International couriers should be well versed in the rules, regulations and procedures of both import and export. Professional courier services will offer you attention to detail, efficiency and prompt deliveries, whether you are a once-off customer or plan to use them on an ongoing basis. Whether you are looking for international courier, same day delivery, overnight delivery, pallet courier or warehousing services, your service provider should be able to provide you with courier solutions that are well suited to your needs and budget.

August 13th, Companies looking for storage, transport and warehousing logistics solutions will certainly benefit from the various international couriers available globally. Typically, we see courier solutions offered in five different forms as follows: International courier service — this is a transport service of goods or documents from one country to another.

The task of the courier service provider is to ensure that the correct means of transport air, sea or land is used for the most efficient delivery. Same day express courier service — this is a service provided to those who need a last minute or urgent delivery to be sent and received on the same day.

This particular service is very popular in big cities, especially for the delivery of important documentation. Overnight courier service — this is great if you need goods to arrive at their destination the next morning or before a certain time in the day. The courier service will usually transport the goods during the night or the early hours of the morning.

Pallet courier service — this is a service that safely and promptly delivers goods on pallets. This service helps clients to meet strict delivery deadlines at affordable rates.

Warehousing service — this is a service designed to give companies greater control over their business and goods. This type of service will involve managed storage solutions, pick, pack and dispatch service as well as storage reporting so that you can keep track of your business and its stock.

These are just five basic services offered by leading warehousing logistics and courier companies. Choosing a service provider in the courier industry With the various types of courier services in mind, it is best to choose a service provider in the courier industry with a comprehensive range of services to offer.As e-commerce continues to grow globally, courier delivery service grows in importance.

Courier deliveries cover a wide range of needs, including international shipping, next-day. Courier services compile several services for the delivery of portable goods, documents, and mail. As there is a wide range of products involved and each customer has different needs, courier companies offer several types of courier services.

When planning to trust courier services to ship your goods, it is always a good idea to choose the service that meets your expectations. There are several services to choose from, and your choice should be based on several factors:.

In order to separate the standard from the exceptional, you need to prioritize which aspects of delivery are most important to you. Some delivery services offer guarantees on certain types of delivery. For example, is the arrival of your packages directly tied to profit?

Meaning, the sooner they are received, the higher your profits? Is your overhead under a strict budget? This is where value shipping prices can really benefit businesses. This is especially true when dealing with big, heavy packages. What about location: are your deliveries made locally or internationally? This will save you a lot of time and money, even if offshore companies have lower rates. Taxes, fees, and permits add up fast. Lastly, you should consider whether your packages demand special care.

Check whether the courier specializes in the transport of your packages. Highly fragile or expensive goods need special care, too.

types of courier

The courier must practice special handling protocols and security checks. Shipping companies are generally divided into a few major categories.

There are some companies that specialize in specific types of shipping. Then, there are courier services who cover as many types of deliveries as possible. Your standard courier deliveries are those that stick within the most common set of parameters.

The maximum weight tends to stay below a certain threshold, i. Standard courier service may not be a good idea for businesses that cannot predict the weight of all their parcels. Fees associated with exceeding these weight limits can add up. Usually, international services cost a high premium for standard courier companies.As more and more people shop for items on the internet rather than on the high street, the demand for courier services is on the rise.

Within the climate of growing reliance on quality and reliable courier services, starting a courier business can be a shrewd move for entrepreneurs wanting to be their own boss and run their own flexible, in-demand business. There are different types of courier businesses that you could set up in the United States, including:. If you are thinking about setting up your own company delivering parcels and packages to homes and businesses, take a look at the following point checklist to help you start a successful courier business.

Compiling a comprehensive business plan will act as an important guide in those first months in operation.

20 Point Checklist to Start a Courier Business

A business plan can also help you secure investment for the business, if you need to borrow money to set the courier firm up. Before you start you own courier business determine what type of vehicle you will need. Either way, the vehicles will need to be reliable. Most courier businesses require space to store packages and parcels that are going out for delivery.

Before you start the business, ensure you have enough space sorted out for storage. You will need to ensure your business is adequately covered with appropriate insurance in case you or an employee is involved in an accident, or your premises or goods become lost or damaged.

Try to be creative so that the name is memorable, unique and stands out. However, try and tie it in somehow with the services you provide by avoiding making the name too ambiguous and confusing. Alongside a business name, you should also design a company logoto help customers recognize you and distinguish you from competitors. For example, will you operate as a sole proprietorship, as an L. Once you have determined the legal structure of the courier business, you will need to officially register the business.

Ecommerce Shipping Solutions for Seller India - Logistic courier service for ecommerce

To keep business expenses and profits separate from personal funds, you may want to open a business bank account. In order to open a business bank account in the United States, you will need to have registered the business and present your proof of registration.

For example, will you offer a one-hour delivery, next-day deliver or just a standard delivery service? You may therefore want to have a competitive rate for your services to help entice customers your way. Get word of your services into the public domain by marketing your courier business.

types of courier

Set up a page on Facebook and use social media to create awareness about your new business. Advertise locally in the newspaper, on radio and in shop windows to generate interest in your services at a local level.

Reach out to a wide as audience as possible and ensure you remain competitive by having a company website. Ensure to include your services, rates and put any positive customer testimonials on the website as you get them.

As well as having a logo, an online presence and a digital and local marketing strategy, develop strong branding for your business to distinguish you from competitors, such as having a specifically-colored fleet of vehicles or a company uniform.Do you have a parcel, sports equipment or pallet to ship and do not know which type of courier service you need?

Eurosender can provide you with access to different types of courier services. From standard shipping of packages and suitcases to freight transport. The selection of the right type of courier service depends on what your shipping needs are, how quickly you would like your shipment to be collected, and of course your budget.

So, shipping with Eurosender is simple, quick and reliable! Standard courier services. International shipping.

Same day collection. Pallet delivery. Several factors influence types of courier services a shipper can choose from and this factors also influence each other. One of them is time or how fast the pick-up and delivery should happen.

The faster the delivery, the more expensive the courier service is. The other factor is the type of goods that are being shipped. For example, when shipping fragile and valuable item s the customer would want to choose the courier service that would ensure safe delivery.

On the other hand, some products like food and other cold chain delivery goods also require special treatment, therefore standard courier services are not suitable for them. Then there is also a delivery destination, which can influence the delivery time, while the size and weight of the shipment influence the price of the courier service.

Standard shipping is the most common and cheapest courier service used for shipping small to medium size packages up to 40kg. Delivery time usually lasts between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the destination. Size and weight of the parcel are the two parameters that form the shipping prices, which do not include packaging. So, the shipper needs to pack and protect the items according to our guidelines. When it comes to the size and the weight of the parcels, there are certain limitations that apply.

If you decide to book the standard courier services on our platform, you can check the dimensions in the calculator below. This will tell you what type of courier services is suitable for your shipment. You can book a standard courier service straight in our booking engine.

Select a pick-up and delivery country, a number of packages and their weight. After placing an order, we will take care of all the details about the shipping with one of the courier service providers from our logistics network.

All you will have to do is to prepare your shipment for the pick-up. Book a service. How to pack and ship different items? Are there any prohibited items to ship? How can I pay for the service? Whenever a shipment is sent from one country to another, we talk about international courier services.

For these type of courier services, the prices vary depending on the chosen route. With Eurosender you can ship your parcels to more than 30 destinations.

International shipping is a useful service for studentsexpats and other people living abroad, who need to send gifts and other items back home. Use our shipping engine to find the best courier service for your destination. International courier services are often used by retailers, who need to ship their products to the buyers around the world.

When using international shipping, certain restrictions apply for some items, since countries have specific legislation for what can or cannot be shipped.The company was founded in the year and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. To use its services Signup Here. Aramex India Pvt Ltd. It is one of the top 10 courier companies in India. It has offices in all major cities of India. The company offers a wide range of services with superior quality. Blue Dart Express Ltd. The company has a huge domestic network.

It is serving more than countries. The company has a presence in all major Indian metro cities. The company has its headquarters in Chennai.

types of courier

Also, the company has six aircraft fleet to carry the freights. DHL is one of the leading courier companies in India. The company is present in countries and territories all over the world.

The company was founded in the year and is headquartered in Bonn Germany. The company was started in the year It is headquartered at Bangalore.

It is operating all across India with its various offices. Ecom Express Pvt Ltd. The company offers a wide range of services. The company was founded in the year It is one of the top 10 courier companies in India and the world. It delivers a huge number of shipments every day. It is offering fast and reliable courier services. The company has its headquarters located in Memphis Tennessee. First Flight Couriers Ltd.

First Flight Couriers Ltd was established in the year The company is headquartered in Mumbai.

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